Monday, June 8, 2009

LibCamp NYC 2009

LibCampNYC was an unconference sponsored by Brooklyn College and the Metropolitan New York Library Council on the 3 June. Unconferences are much more casual in nature and draw primarily on the participants to make the conference what they want. Think of networking and learning with a huge dose of anarchy.... the good kind.

The participants for this particular unconference seemed to want to focus on evolving reference services like IM, Roving Reference, Twitter & Text Reference services. Suggestions on how to do reference better ranged from implementing Roving Reference (even if you have to do it unofficially with your own smart phone) to changing the name of the desk from Reference to Information Desk.

Some of the libraries in our county are already utilizing these sorts of innovative services, just to name a few:

Text Reference, Mastics Moriches Library

Roving Reference, Sachem

Revitalizing the Reference desk by calling it the Information Desk, Cutchogue-New Suffolk

For more information about Library Terms check out the blog Library Terms That Users Understand

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